Ways in Which You Can Help

If we want to ensure that all children in Ontario receive the supports they need, we'll have to talk to more people in more ways than ever before. This means having a conversation with your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers or on social media. Let people know why equality in education is important and why all children deserve an opportunity to learn in an environment that best suits their educational needs.

1. Join Our Community

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Sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date with the latest news from TeachON.

2. Sign Our Petition

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Add your signature to help us show that there is strong support behind our campaign and that it's important to the people of Ontario.

3. Spread the Word

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Tell your family and friends about TeachON to help us get more supporters.

4. Sign Up Your Org

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Add the voice of your Organization to the list of those on our website concerned about safety and equality for our children.

5. Share Your Story

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Share a story about you, your child, a family member or a friend to help others understand that education issues effect real people.

6. Contact Your MPP

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Reach out to your MPP and let them know that we need equal treatment for all of Ontario's children.

7. Volunteer

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Work with us to build a strong foundation for the security and future success of all the kids in our province.

8. Make a Donation

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Donate to help fund our advocacy initiatives on behalf of the over 138,000 students who attend independent schools.

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