How Your Story Can Help

Stories like yours show that there are real people behind the coalition for education equality. By sharing your story with us you help us in several ways.

Change How People Feel

Whether your story is about you, your child, a family member or a friend, these stories need to be told because they are a simple yet powerful way to change the way people think and feel about education equality.

Help Others Understand

By sharing your journey, you can help others better understand why all children deserve an opportunity to learn in an environment that best suits their educational needs.

Amanda's Story

“My son Sebastien can tell you the name, colour and work role of every Thomas the Tank Engine train there is. He has an outstanding memory for the things that matter to him and can articulate many of his thoughts in a manner more befitting an adult than a 10-year-old boy, even when he's struggling to remember how to put on his clothes in the morning. But special gifts like these are not valued in schools. If you are not among those children who develop along the typical path in terms of reading, writing, and mathematics, your needs are not being acknowledged by the public school system as it stands.”

- Amanda, mother of a neuro-atypical child

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